CzernyCramerThe 4 hands editions is one of the largest publishing projects by M.A.P. Editions, a first attempt in the publishing world to rediscover some forgotten treasures of the 4 hands piano repertory. Edited by Rodolfo Alessandrini and Sara Bartolucci, the famous Duo Pianistico di Firenze, its aim is to publish the most significant works from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries music, with particular regard to the rarity and the unjustly forgotten compositions of major composers such as Debussy, Ponchielli and Czerny. The biggest innovation of this edition is made not only by the new pieces rediscovered, but also by the overlapping first and second piano that facilitate, as never before, the performers consultation. The sources, from manuscripts and first editions, ensure the full musicological reliability of these publication that counts among its composers, in addition to those already mentioned: Bargiel, Bruch, Czerny, Cramer, Dussek, Kalkbrenner, Moscheles, Pleyel, Ponchielli, Rubinstein, Ries, Soliva, Urspruch and many others.


The editorial plan is completed and enriched thank to three critical editions of the complete works for piano 4 hands by Ignaz Pleyel, Anton Rubinstein and a brand new complete edition dedicated to Ferninand Ries, famous pupil of Beethoven that is enjoying in recent times a wide rediscovery.
The plans of the critical editions is:

Ignaz Pleyel:
Complete piano four hands sonatas Vol.1*, pagg. 188, € 220,00
Complete piano four hands sonatas Vol.2

Anton Rubinstein:
Complete piano four hands music Vol.1
Complete piano four hands music  Vol.2

Ferdinand Ries:
Complete piano four hands music Vol.1
Complete piano four hands music Vol.2
Complete piano four hands music Vol.3
Complete piano four hands music  Vol.4

*already available

The complete plan of the publications is:

CODE Author: Title
MAPH 1001 BARGIEL Woldemar Sonata Op. 23
MAPH 1002 BARGIEL Woldemar Suite Op. 7
MAPH 1003 BARGIEL Woldemar 3 Dances Op. 24
MAPH 1004 BIBL Rudolf Sonata Op. 36
MAPH 1005 BLAHETKA Leopoldine Grand Duo Op. 47
MAPH 1006 BRUCH Max Capriccio Op. 2*, pagg. 20, € 19,90
MAPH 1007 BUSONI Ferruccio Finnländische Volksweisen op. 27
MAPH 1008 CHOPIN Fryderyk Variations on a Theme by Moore*,pagg. 21, € 19,90
MAPH 1009 CRAMER Johann Baptist Grande Sonata Op. 33
MAPH 1010 CZERNY Carl Sonata in B Op. 331
MAPH 1011 CZERNY Carl Grande Sonata Brillante Op. 10*, pagg. 95, € 110,90
MAPH 1012 CZERNY Carl Presto Caratteristico Op. 24*, pagg. 2o, € 19,90
MAPH 1013 CZERNY Carl Ouverture Caracteristique
et brillant Op. 54*, pagg. 24, € 21,90
MAPH 1014 CZERNY Carl Duo brillant Op. 137*, pagg. 20, € 19,90
MAPH 1015 CZERNY Carl Brilliant Variations Op. 170
on “La Campanella”
MAPH 1016 CZERNY Carl Concerto Op. 153
MAPH 1017 DEBUSSY Claude Symphonie en Si
MAPH 1018 ELSNER Jozèf Sonata Op. 16
MAPH 1019 ELSNER Jozèf Trois Polonaises
MAPH 1020 FACCIO Franco Grande Suonata Sinfonica
MAPH 1021 HALÉVY J. Fromental Sonate in G
MAPH 1022 HERZ Henri /
WAGNER Richard
Grande Fantasie Op. 16
sur “La Romanesca”
MAPH 1023 KALKBRENNER Friedrich Sonata Op. 3
MAPH 1024 KALKBRENNER Friedrich Sonata Op. 79
MAPH 1025 KOZELUCH Leopold Sonatas for piano 4 hands
MAPH 1026 KOZELUCH Leopold Concerto for piano 4 hands
and orchestra
MAPH 1027 LISZT Franz Grande Valzer di bravura Op. 6
MAPH 1028 MARSCHNER Heinrich Rondò Scherzando Op. 81
MAPH 1029 MARTUCCI Giuseppe Pensieri su “Un Ballo in
Maschera” Op. 8*, pagg. 28, € 25,90
MAPH 1030 MÖLLER Johann Gottfried Sonata Op. 7
MAPH 1031 MOSCHELES Ignaz Grande Sonata Op. 112
MAPH 1032 PLEYEL Ignaz 3 Sonatas (Ben 513-515)
MAPH 1033 PLEYEL Ignaz 3 Sonatas (Ben 516-518)
MAPH 1034 PLEYEL Ignaz 3 Sonatas (Ben 519-521)
MAPH 1035 PLEYEL Ignaz 3 Sonatas (Ben 522-524)
MAPH 1036 PLEYEL Ignaz Sonata (Ben 528)
MAPH 1037 PLEYEL Ignaz Sonata (Ben 271)
MAPH 1038 PONCHIELLI Amilcare Sinfonia for Piano 4 Hands
MAPH 1039 REINECKE Carl Sonata Op. 35
MAPH 1040 REINECKE Carl Variations Op. 24
MAPH 1054 RESPIGHI Ottorino Fontane di Roma
MAPH 1041 RIES Ferdinand Sonata Op. 47
MAPH 1042 RIES Ferdinand Sonata Op.160
MAPH 1043 ROSSINI Gioachino /
Ouverture de Guillaume Tell
MAPH 1044 RUBINSTEIN Anton Sonata Op. 89
MAPH 1045 RUBINSTEIN Anton 6 Characteristic pieces Op. 50
MAPH 1046 RUBINSTEIN Anton 3 Characteristic Melodies Op. 9
MAPH 1047 RUBINSTEIN Anton Bal Costumé Op.103
MAPH 1048 SOLIVA Carlo Evasio Sonata e Variazioni
MAPH 1049 SOLIVA Carlo Evasio Sonata
MAPH 1050 STOCKER Stefan Sonata Op.7
MAPH 1051 THALBERG Sigismond /
Grand Duo on Bellini’s
Beatrice Tenda
MAPH 1052 URSPRUCH Anton Sonate (quasi Fantasie) op.1 for Piano 4 Hands*, pagg. 45, € 35,90
MAPH 1053 WESTENHOLZ E. Sophie Sonata Op. 3