Putignano_smallBorn: 1960
Country of origin: Italy

Biagio Putignano, it is reputated by the criticism one of the most unusual composers of his generation. He is graduated in Composition, Electronic Music, organ, piano and Choral Music from the Conservatory Of Rome, Padua and Bari and he attended postgraduate courses in Milan, Rome, Città di Castello, Florence, Paris. After an apprenticeship period at the end of the 1980s, ripened a writing in which the loud hedonism is harmonized with a refined lyricism, arriving to an original synthesis in which tracks of the experiences of very various compositors between them, what Gentilucci, Sciarrino, Xenakis Grisey and Muraill, take to an only and recognizable aesthetics. The time suspension, the continuos formal experimentation, the timbre investigation and the daring of certain articulation techniques are the pivots of his musical personality. . The costing work to the threshold of the silence binds his first production to the current one in an indissoluble stylistic unity much appreciated by the audience and the criticism. These characteristics are present since the first musical theatre work Un Segno nello Spazio drawn by the homonymous I. Calvino tale the Cosmicomiche, commissioned in 1993 by the Foggia Conservatory. All the next compositions have always really obtained a growing appreciation from the criticism for the original sound, ANTHEMION (1995) for orchestra, RESONARE (1996) from 4 to 10 instruments with or without Live Electronics, Passaggi di pietra (1996) for Ensemble and synthesis sounds, Tracce di luna (1997) for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, piano and tape, O notte di dolce silenzio (1997for only flute, Gocce di luce (1998/99) for G flute and percussions, I luoghi dell’Eclissi (1999) for violin and piano, Dell’imitazione (1999) for piano and voice acting on text of E. Sanguineti, Alla soglia delle nubi (2000) for four flutes, L’esatto punto di Ô (2000) for alto sax and piano, Architetture d’aria e di vento (2000) for symphony orchestra etc..
Remarkable success has obtained the Cattedrali di Silenzio oratory on P.David witnesses Mt. Turoldo, for acting, soprano and Reinassance instruments, commissioned him in 2001 by the Ars Organi G. Frescobaldi Association in Lecce in opportunity of the XIX International season. It is engaged in the composition of the work MUSIGONÌA for soprano, Mezzosoprano, baritone and chamber orchestra on booklet of Paolo Perretti and the realization of a series of pieces for piano entitled COMMENTARI, new formal proceedings are tested in. To the Composing activity, he puts beside the didactic one. He teaches graduate and postgraduate composition at Bari Conservatory, where he also gives postgraduate courses in composition at the jazz music departement and he is lecturer at the University Of Lecce. He is regularly invited to give courses and composition seminaries from Cultural Associations, universities, conservatories, Musical Institutes and Music Schools in Italy and abroad. He edites the page of publishing and recording reviews of the magazine Fa La Ut and he has published a few essaies on contemporary composers and aesthetic and musical subjects. His musics are published from Rugginenti Publisher Of Milan, Agenda Edizione of Bologna, Bèrben of Ancona , Edipan Of Rome.


Title: 3 studi sulla differenza somigliante, for piano 4 hands
Cat.No.: MA 0010044
Page: 23
Price: 19.90 Euro

Title: Atlante dell’immaginazione, for violin and piano, 2013
Commissioned by “32° Concorso Internazione di Violino ‘Premio Rodolfo Lipizer’”
Cat.No.: MA 0010181
Page: 16
Price: 18.90 Euro

Title: Forme sensibili alla luce, for bass B♭clarinet, 2010
Cat.No.: MA 0010031
Page: 12
Price: 14.90 Euro

Title: Les récits suspendus for soprano and piano, 2011 version, Text from ancient Haiku
Cat.No.: MA 0010032
Page: 31
Price: 23.90 Euro

Title: Terracromie, for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010070
Page: 29
Price: 20.90 Euro

Title: Ove posano i venti, for cello, 2006
Cat.No.: MA 0010033
Page: 7
Price: 14.90 Euro

Title: Dei luoghi pretériti, for string trio, 2005
Cat.No.: MA 0010034
Page: 18
Price: 16.90 Euro

Title: Rota, for organetto diatonico a otto bassi, 2005
Cat.No.: MA 0010066
Page: 7
Price: 14.90 Euro

Title: 5 Commentaries, for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010067
Page: 80
Price: 70.90 Euro
Audio: Interview | Excepts

Title: Nuvole Elettriche, for piano “Fender© Rodhes©”
Cat.No.: MA 0010068
Page: 13
Price: 25.90 Euro

Title: Cartografie del tempo, for viola, electric guitar, electric bass and piano Fender©
Cat.No.: MA 0010069
Page: 71
Price: 65.90 Euro

Title: Isole di suono, for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010071
Page: 9
Price: 14.90 Euro