Carlo-Balzaretti_small2As a composer, his musical works have been performed by internationally renowned musicians such as the soprano Tai-Li Chu, the clarinettist Gervase de Peyer, the cellist Claudio Marini, the violinist Domenico Nordio, the jazz pianist Guido Manusardi and the soprano Keiko Koizumi, who recorded a CD with Elegia publicly presented in Tokyo by the Japanese Ministry of Culture in 2007. In the autumn of 2012, the celebrated pianist Cyprien Katsaris performed –in Japan’s major cities and in Italy– the work 11th March 2011, composed by Balzaretti in tribute to the victims of the tsunami. He is the author of several music publications published by Ricordi, Warner Bros. and Hachette. For a number of years now, he has focused on the field of piano teaching and his publications have been adopted by conservatories and music schools.


Title: 6 studies “around the film music” for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010030
Page: 21
Price: 17.90 Euro
Audio: Study 1 | Study 2 | Study 3 | Study 4 | Study 5 | Study 6

Title: 11 september 2001, 11 march 2011, for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010045
Page: 12
Price: 12.90 Euro