FantoniBorn: 1963
Country of origin: Italy

Corrado Fantoni, Italian composer, pianist and teacher, was born in Ancona. He served his apprenticeship with Franco Donatoni (composition), Walter Branchi (composition and electronic music) and Gian Mario Borio (musical analysis). Started off from neo-vanguard positions with Recitativi III (1989; for Female Voice, Cello and 2 Percussionists), Ottetto di Fiati (1990) and Can-Can (1991-93; for Cl (Bs. Cl), Trb, Tbn, Piano, Tubular Bells, Marimba, Vl, Vla and Cello), Corrado Fantoni comes to a sound world of his own with Un Ascolto (1999; for Alto Flute, Ten. Sax, Piano, Drums, Vibraphone, Viola  and live electronics), Shalom ‘Aleichem (1999; for Viola and Piano), Et-Gira (1999-2000; for Full Orchestra) and Thybris Àlbula (2007; for 8 Marimbas, 1 Bass Marimba, 3 Vibraphones, 1 Midi Vibraphone, 2 Big Bass Drums, elaborated concrete sounds and Live Electronics), where in both works are manifested the intention to search for the deep expressive roots of music and the will to penetrate inside the universe of sound to lay bare the essentiality of the musical intervals, the essence itself of musical composition. From 1988 his compositions have been performed at musical festivals and reviews both in Italy and abroad, among which: Musikforum – Klagenfurt (Austria); CDMC – Madrid (Spain); Festival Musica Contemporanea – Vitoria/Gasteiz (Spain); Goethe Institut – Trieste; Sonopolis – Venice; University ‘Saint Esprit’ of Kaslik – Beirut (Lebanon); Teatro Litta Seasons – Milan; Music & Play – Poznan (Poland); Biennal Exhibition of the Mediterranean artists – Rome; Academy of San Fernando – Madrid (Spain); Cini Foundation – Venice; La Via Lattea – Canton Tessin (Switzerland); Festival Adriatico Mediterraneo – Ancona (2008 and 2009); Festival dell’Arca – Venice; Judaica Foundation – Krakow (Poland); Tevereterno “Flussi Correnti”, Roma; while he had his theatrical debut as composer in 1991 within the contemporaneous dance for the international T.E.E. (Teatro Europa Esperimenti) later realizing works commissioned to him for important international festivals of the vanguard theatre in Italy, among which: Platea Estate – Rome; Società Umanitaria – Milan; Inteatro – Polverigi; Teatro Groggia – Venice; Florian Espace – Pescara. Fantoni made his debut in new musical theatre with the lyrical fable Precario Vento (Venice, 2001; for Piano, Toy Instruments, Voice and Live Electronics; text, sound-installation and voice by Francesca Amat) commissioned by Teatro Groggia in Venice, for the inauguration of 2001 Theatre Season. Fantoni has also been awarded various prizes and grants in international composition contests, among which: Concorso nazionale di Composizione per Strumenti a Fiato “Mascagni” 1991, Livorno (president of the Jury: Azio Corghi) – Alpe Adria, II Edizione: Rassegna Internazionale di Composizione Musicale 1992, Trieste – Premio CEMAT, “Quarant’anni nel 2000”: Concours Internationale de musique electronique et electroacoustique 1996, Roma (Jury: James Dashaw, Pascal Dusapin and Giuseppe Di Giugno) – International Kompositionswettbewerbes der Stadt Klagenfurt, 1997 (president of the Jury: Siegfried Palm) – 3rd R. Murray Schafer International Composing Competition, “Music and Play” 1999, Poznan, Poland (president of the Jury: Murray Schafer) – International Electroacustic Music Competition “MUSICA NOVA” 2002, Prague (Czech Republic) – IMAIE Award, I Edition  2006, Roma –  IMAIE Award, II Edition 2007, Roma.
His composition have  been played and broadcast for: Italian Radio and Television RAI, Austrian Radio ORF, Spanish Radio RNE, Swiss Radio RSI, Polish Radio Polska, Czech Radio Broadcasting and ARTE: la chaine de television culturelle européenne et franco-allemande.
Some of his musical compositions have been recorded by: Lyra Records [MAP] (Milano), Fonè (Livorno), Coclearia Edition (Urbino) and Rivoalto (Venice).

Since 1996 Corrado Fantoni has been studying the Hebrew language and, since 2005, Torah and Talmud with Haim Baharier, one of the most important thinker and hermeneutic studious of bible in Europe. In recent years, he has individuated a personal path, where Jewish musical tradition intersects with the tendencies of 20th century modernism, giving life to new musical compositions in an original artistic and musical crossroads. This path has manifested itself in the Tzemach Niggun Project, musical project born with the collaboration of the following musicians:
Olek Mincer (m. voice), Lee Colbert (f. voice) Laura Polimeno (f. voice), Michaela Böhringer (f. voice), Manuela Cantoni (f. voice), Ilich Fenzi (trb and flgh), Piergabriele Mancuso (vla), Angelica Faccani (vl), Cecilia Vendrasco (fl), Manuel Consigli (el. guitar), Giovanni Mancuso (piano and synthesizer), through the realization of several projects with multiple artistic perspectives in a Jewish cultural context:
1) the publication of the CD Tzemach Niggun (Niggun’s Scion), edited by Rivoalto Edition in 2006, with the contribution of IMAIE and distributed in Europe by Ducale Music;
2) the musical curatorship (as composer and pianist) for the cycle The Genesis is the first book of the Torah, 6 events between biblical hermeneutics, music and theater with Haim Baharier, Olek Mincer (m. voice), Manuela Cantoni (f. voice), directed by Andrée Ruth Shammàh and production of the Teatro Franco Parenti, at the Teatro Dal Verme, Milan, January-March 2006;
3) the co-production of Duende Association, Teatro Groggia, IMAIE and Jewish Communities of Venice and Ancona for the Concerts of Tzemach Niggun Project achieved (selection):
– at the Judaica Foundation in Krakow (Poland), 2008
– at the Festival Internazionale dell’Arca in Venice, 2008
– at the 2nd Festival Internazionale Adriatico Mediterraneo in Ancona (Italy), 2008
– at the 3th Festival Internazionale Adriatico Mediterraneo in Ancona, 2009
– at the Palmizana Summer Art Performances 2010 in St. Klement Isle (Croatia), 2010;
4) the creation of the sound-track for the video Hekalot by Israeli artist Lena Liv, produced by Centro Binah for the Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea L. Pecci in Prato and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in Israel, 2009;
5) the pubblication of the book Il Raggio Sottile (The Thin Ray, pictures of Francesca Amat) that has engaged Fantoni as literary author to tell to the kids (young and old) the story of the Creation (Bereshìt) in Jewish tradition; edited by Sinnos Edition; Roma, 2004;
6) the publication of the 11 Scores of Yedìd Nèfesh Waltz, edited by Carish Edition; Milano, 2013.

In 2006 born the collaboration with the composer David Monacchi, through the publication of the Compact Disc After the Untuned Sky – 9 proportioned harmonics in a temple, (edited by Coclearia Edition in 2008, with the contribution of IMAIE). After the Untuned Sky is the result of the interaction between many elements: music improvisation and specific intervallic structures, resonant space and microscopic work on the sound. In this Duo, Monacchi plays: bansuri flutes, old flutes and shruti-box; Fantoni plays: symphonia, pipe organ, 2 shruti-boxes and bass hurdy gurdy. The second Compact Disc of this work is in progress of publication with MAP Edition, natural prosecution of the research started with After the Untuned Sky.
Fantoni has been professor of Analysis and Harmony  at the Conservatory B. Marcello of Venice, of Musical Composition at the Conservatory C. Monteverdi of Bolzano, of Theory, Reading and Music perception at the Conservatories of Cagliari, Alessandria and Cuneo. Actually, Fantoni is professor of theoretical and analytical subjects in the Superior Institute of Musical Studies, Conservatorio “Cantelli” of Novara.

Title: Tahòr I, for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010183
Page: 4
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: Tahòr II, for viola e piano plus one instrument ad libitum
Cat.No.: MA 0010185
Page: 9
Price: 14.90 Euro

Title: Tahòr II, 2nd Version, for violin, piano plus one cello ad libitum
Cat.No.: MA 0010018
Page: 20
Price: 19.90 Euro

Title: Recercar Phasing 3 studies on the phase shifting for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010310
Page: 24
Price: 13.90 Euro

Title: Chasidic Ostinato Jazz Ground n°2, for Piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010074
Page: 16
Price: 13.90 Euro