Born: 1964
Country of origin: Norway

Dagfinn Koch (1964, Kristiansund, Norway) studied at the Norwegian Academy of Music (Norges musikkhøgskole) with Lasse Thoresen, composition; Olav Anton Thommessen, orchestration; Bjørn Kruse, arranging; Mads Claesson, Arild Erikstad og Tore Simonsen, music technology; Otto Berg, viola, and at the Hochschule (now Universität) der Künste Berlin under prof.dr.h.c Witold Szalonek, composition. From autumn 2011 on to New Year 2012 he continued to study Master in applied music theory at the Norwegian Academy of Music, but had due to illness (see last paragraph below) to take a leave.
Dagfinn has been freelancing since 1994, and has written music for orchestra, chamber and theatre groups, opera, ballet and fine art installations. He has worked as an arranger for performers such as Finn Coren and Lucifer Was, and has been a member of the Oslo Philharmonic program committee and of the board in the Composers Society and in the evaluation committee of TONO (the Norwegian BIEM/ASCAP). All his sketches written through a period of 35 years are deposited at the National Library in Oslo from 2013. Dagfinn has lived in Oslo since 2005 after living thirteen years in Germany. In addition to his work as a composer, Dagfinn has worked in a youth club, as a teacher in music schools in Oslo, Bærum and Bergen, as a music copyist and engraver, and as a sound engineer at the Henie-Onstad Art Center. He has received several scholarships from TONO and was granted a two-year scholarship from the Norwegian Ministry for Cultural Affairs in 2006. He was accepted as a member of the Composers society in 1991. Dagfinn has never been confined to a single particular style, but is more concerned with being able to musically move in any possible direction. This experience has now developed into a method (not style) which he calls Translucence – a method that builds on post war-modernism techniques combined with an idiomatic way of writing. For him it is important to use music to communicate through narrative music, which gives the listeners (and readers of his scores) a choice of possible interpretations. Koch is very fascinated by mysticism and occultism (as known by Meister Eckhart, Emanuel Swedenborg and the freemasonry ) – not to be understood within the context of “New Age”.
Koch has been handicapped since his birth due to an infection that destroyed a part of his skeleton. He has been in and out of hospitals since then, and undergone a lot of surgery and other orthopedic treatments. In the summer of 2012 he got the diagnosis Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It is a post-viral chronic illness, where rest and sleep doesn’t help. But he continues to compose with in the tight boundaries of the illness. “The act of composing is a existential necessity!” (Prof. Klaus Huber)


Title: Aura, for 16 solo stringplayers or string orchestra, 1994
Cat.No.: MA 0010110
Page: 33
Price: 23.90 Euro

Title: Rückblick, for string quartet
Cat.No.: MA 0010114
Page: 11
Price: 14.90 Euro

Title: Carvings, for solo violin, 2009
Cat.No.: MA 0010113
Page: 4
Price: 12.90