Country of origin: Italy

She received the Diploma in Piano, Composition and Musicology, supplemented by their two-year second level, at the Conservatory of Milan, Como and the University of Cremona. As a pianist, she was completed before the International Academy of Novara in the studio of M° M. Mika and then to “Russiche Schule” in Freiburg with M° V. Margulis. She works as a soloist and in chamber ensembles performing in numerous music festivals.
She had also done his studies in composition with M°  D. Romano, S. Bianchera, A. Solbiati and V. Zago. She also attended seminars and masterclasses with known composers such as I. Fedele, M. Stroppa, H. Lachenmann and K. Stockhausen. Recently she expanded her language by exploring the potential of electronic music, sound sources using concrete, synthetic or sampled, and exploiting the possibilities of spatial sound. She has excelled in various competitions (2nd Prize at International Competion Pratella in Ravenna, finalist in the International Liszt Bellagio -1st not assigned, 3rd Prize at the International Morricone Florence). She recently founded the Association INTERARTES, whose aim is the research of new forms of live performance, realized with the contribution of new technologies. She recorded “The Snow Queen”, two music fables for voice and ensemble (Silvius Ed. Milan 2003), “Teatrando” six propositions for teaching musical theater (ArteOltre, Como 2012), “Shadows”, six pieces for ensemble (MAP Ed. Milano 2015). Some of her analytical essays, “Schumann and the Romantic Symphony”, “Musical Theater of Janacek”, “Between Determinism and Randomness” are going to be published by MAP Editions.


Title: Charlot, for trombone, string quartet and percussion
Cat.No.: MA 0010277
Page: 18
Price: 17.90 Euro

Title: Everlasting roof for soprano, flauto, cello, vibrophone and piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010302
Page: 13
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: Five, for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010278
Page: 5
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: Harpair, for piano 4 hands
Cat.No.: MA 0010312
Page: 15
Price: 14.90 Euro

Title: Shade, for string trio
Cat.No.: MA 0010276
Page: 13
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: MyShost for violin, cello and piano
Cat.No.: MA 0040019
Page: 12
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: Attese for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0040018
Page: 16
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: Petite valse rêverée for piano
Cat.No.: MA 0040015
Page: 20
Price: 17.90 Euro

Title: Trio Exciting for violin, cello and piano
Cat.No.: MA 0040016
Page: 24
Price: 19.90 Euro