Country of origin: Italy

He took, in 2002, his piano Diploma at the Conservatorio “E.F.Dall’Abaco” in Verona under the guidance of prof. Ida Tizzani with maximum vote and he has participated in various important musical events: different Operas in cooperation with M° Diego Dini Ciacci at the Teatro Nuovo in Verona, the concert “Premio Accademia Filarmonica 2001” performed as a duo ensemble in the ‘Sala Maffeiana’, concerts at the auditorium Montemezzi, Teatro Bibiena in Mantua, Teatro S.Rocco in Carpi (Modena). In 2002 he performed in concerts organized by the “Società del Quartetto” in Busto Arsizio (Milan), both as a solo and ensemble player, as well as by the Centro Culturale in Paluzza (Udine). He attended masterclasses held by S. Krylov, M. Campanella and the Trio di Parma. In march 2002 he also participated in M° K. Schilde’s masterclass held at the Consevatory “Richard Strauss” in Munich. In 2003 he took part in some international competitions where he was awarded first prizes. The last one being a II Prize in the “Fusignano International Chamber Competition”. The propedeutic activity is concentrated on following the steps of prof.ssa Laura Palmieri like first assistant in the Conservatorio “E.F. Dall’Abaco” in Verona. Next this experience he was teacher for Blind children for the I.RI.FOR. (Unione Italiana Ciechi – Sede di Verona) and vice-president and piano professor for the “Associazione Musicale A.Toscanini” Castel d’Azzano, Verona.
In 2004, after completing the medium level in the Sperimental Composition Class led by M° F. Valdambrini in Verona, he attended the last year of the Upper Triennium of Composition at the Conservatorio “Giuseppe Verdi” in Milan under the guidance of M° Alessandro Solbiati, where he finished in 2008 his composition studies with maximum and Cum Lauda. Furthermore, he took part in Live Electronics and Sound Direction seminars with G. Giuliano and Musical Informatics for Composition with A. Melchiorre. Later he attended masterclasses held by K. Stockhausen, M. Stroppa, K. Huber, C. Ambrosini, F. Durieux, J. Fineberg, T. Murail, B. Pauset, L. Francesconi, S. Gervasoni, I.Fedele, L. de Pablo. He was played also in the Studio Konzerte in Darmstadt in the end of Ferienkurse. In this occasion L. Xhuvani met these professors: G. Kurtag, B. Ferneyhough, W. Rihm, M. Stroppa, K. Lang, M. Tsangaris, V. Baltakas, M. Mochizuki, I. Mundry.
At the “International Composition Prize Luxembourg 2005” he was among the top five awarded and the prize included the recording of their compositions on a CD then edited all over Europe. Moreover the same piece, which won this competition, “di tenue vivo chiarore” was played by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta.
He collaborated in the performance of a chamber composition together with the “Società di Musica Contemporanea” in Florence, as well as of a solo piano piece “Les Holdempe D.O.K.” commissioned by the Upper Biennium of Piano of the Conservatorio in Bergamo. This last composition was also played in the Sala Puccini in Milan and Sala Piatti in Bergamo. Other compositions were commissioned by the Società della Musica in Lucca to be played at the Chiostro di San Micheletto in Lucca. During the 2005, his works for small ensemble are being played by ‘Divertimento Ensemble’ and ‘Ex-Novo Ensemble’.
In December 2005, after a selection carried out in all the European Conservatories, the ‘Nuova Consonanza’ society invited him for a week-long workshop at the Villa Medici in Rome, held by M° Brice Pauset and Joshua Fineberg.
In june 2006 he held a concert collaborating with the Faculty of Architecture in Mailand aiming to celebrate the patio structure of the faculty building through the performance of a piece devised to enhance the unique characteristics of the place. From this experience come a book with a cd of the performance edited by “Libreria Clup” and wrote under the guidance of Pierluigi Salvadeo. The title of the book is “Architetture Sonore”.
On 13 dec. 2006 were been the world premiere of a little Opera for children “I due Re giardinieri”, to Auditorium Giorgio Gaber, Palazzo Pirelli – Milano.
Lorenc Xhuvani result also, with the composition for orchestra “Stronger”, the unique winner of the “International Composition Orchestra!- project 2007” announced by the Malmö Academy of Music. The composition have been performed by the Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Paul Magi in 24 may 2007.
He won also the premium of the “Festival Pontino Composition Courses” – Sermoneta, and have had a commision from the Festival of a piece that has been gived in the “Festival Pontino XXXIX Stagione dei Concerti 2008 – 2009” and that been passed to National Radio Tre.
He elaborates some arias took from the Beggar’s Opera – J. Gay. The premiere was in 06 nov 2007. The opera have had the repeat perfomances from 06 till 11 nov 2007 in “Sala Puccini” – Milano.
Very important for the composer was the meeting with the violinist Irivine Arditti. The violinist plays in many important festival in Europe his piece for violin solo “Ardent Caprice”.
An important first performance was been on 6 June 2008 of the composition “Lamtumirë” (percussion & piano) for the Festival “Variazioni di pressione” – Verona.
The electronic music research bring Lorenc Xhuvani in Germany, in the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst – Stuttgart in the year 2009 – 2010. This experience was focuses on the study of the gesture of a bow player and did end with the realization of the composition “Variazioni di valore” for Viola solo, sensor and electronic that been performed in TheatherHaus – Stuttgart and in the research centre ZKM – Karlsruhe.
In the same period he did collaborate with the vocal Ensemble “Neue Vocalsolisten” for the realization of a composition for voice, 3 instrument and electronic with the use of the “Dubbi Amorosi” by Pietro Aretino. The first performance of the composition was in Theaterhaus in Stuttgart on 19 July 2009.
The actual and future research in music and in particular in electronic music research gave him the possibility to work and produce various “compositions” always primarily focused on the sound but that extend their area to the performance in site specific like “K47” with the capture of different ambient changes that guide the sound transformation or the different realization of the internet performance that build a reediting of old Digital Art Masterpieces.
He participated as an active composer in Centre Acanthes 2012/Manifeste _ The Academy of Creation – Paris, for the realization of a composition for string quartet and electronic. The composition “Kënga e Heshtur” was performend by the Arditti Quartet on 30 July 2012 in Espace de projection – Ircam Centre Pompidou – Paris.

Title: Leucrito Cp2 Demo, for flute, violin and piano
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Title: Variazioni di valore, for viola, solo and electronics
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