SisaBorn: 1956
Country of origin: Croatia

Pero Šiša was born in Dubrovnik on February 4, 1956. He completed secondary school education in his native city in 1974. Šiša completed the Academy of Music and pursued his postgraduate studies in Zagreb at the Department for String Instruments (violin). Upon returning to Dubrovnik, he developed a wide musical activity; for a long time he was a permanent member of the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, and in the past eight years he has been the Director of this institution. He continued studying composition with Igor Kuljarić. His works, inspired by the climate in which he lives and works and composed for large orchestras, chamber ensembles and soloists, are met with enthusiasm by music audiences and professional critics alike. Compositions, mostly in the style of neo-romanticism, overwhelm with their melodic charm. Already in his early works (Konavoska Svita, Nostalgia …) composer Pero Šiša showed that he is a composer of great imagination and clear musical creative nerve. With exquisite skills he interprets content guidelines of his inspiration, he shapes them by his own particular way of interpreting musical form, mainly on classical models, and with very skilfull and suggestive lyrical – dramatic orchestral interventions he convinces listeners of his expressive creativity. Pero Šiša is also the author of all his lyrics and the libretto for the opera Siren. He writes lyrics on the basis of the principle that the word defines music and that these are two inseparable concepts that creators have in themselves. List of the most important works of this composer is contained in Attachment I to this writing. Works from his oeuvre were performed by prominent artists from Croatia and worldwide: A. Bouribayev, M. Mrvica, R. Flieder, P. Gvozdić, P. Dešpalj, N. Debelić, J. Wager, Z. Hacko, I. Dražinić, R. Savic, M . Kissinger, Bravo Vancouver Chorale, R. Vaccaro, B. Zvetanov, Z.Simeonova, N. Milić, B. Puškarić, B. Tkalčić, Tanja Šimić-Queiroz. I.M. Vidović, N. Matošević, I. Lipanović, I. Kuljerić, Z. Srzić, I. Dražinić, H. Zlodre, D. Jackson, D. Šeparović, M. Soko, P. Kovačić, N. Widjaja and ensembles such as the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, the Libertas Choir, the Chamber Orchestra of the Skoplje University, the Rijeka Philharmonic, the Symphony Orchestra of Split Opera, the Mostar Symphony Orchestra, the Choir of Croatian Radiotelevision, the Choir of Split Opera, the European Master Orchestra, the Sarajevo Philharmonic, Colorado Mixed Chorale, the Shanghai Philharmonic. The Opera Siren had a premiere in Dubrovnik 2008 in production by the Opera Classica Europa from Germany performed by the best European singers. After the Croatian War of Independence and the change of system into market economy, the orchestra entered a crisis of identity, which lasted until the new management in 2004, i.e. the choice of its permanent member, violinist and composer Pero Šiša in the position of director. Pero Šiša gathered all the friends of the orchestra, former managers and prominent national and international experts/managers in the field of musical culture with a clear objective of developing and creating a development program for the orchestra that is divided in two directions; internal restructuring and positioning in its own environment and participation in the development and promotion of social life of Dubrovnik and the promotion of Croatia in the world. Working conditions were getting harder, financial situation and space conditions (premises) were becoming smaller. However, even in such conditions the Orchestra under its director, who had a clear vision and goals, resisted and achieved increasingly great success in the native land and abroad alike.


Title:  Symphony n°3
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