Country of origin: Italy

My musical studies started in the 60’s with the Master Sergio Massaron, teacher at Conservatory and orchestra leader. The production refers to musical pieces both instrumental and vocal. In the 70’s I studied with the Master Manfredi Argento, orchestra leader. I started also the study of the operatic vocality with Renata Carosio, teacher of improvement at the Scala Theatre, these studies allowed me, in the following years, to produce also works in vocal area. In the beginning of 2000 I participated at a competition of composition in the form of contemporary music at the International Academy of Music in Milan at the Villa Simonetta, course in IRMUS area, with Alessandro Solbiati Master of the course. Later I participated at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan to a triennial course of improvement with the Master Alessandro Solbiati. I participated in a master-class with the cellist Dindo and in a composition master-class with Master Stroppa. Since 2003 I started to produce works of contemporary music with various instrumental staff, duets, trios, quartet, quintet, and so on till triptych concerts for piano and orchestra , of titles “Caos”, “Nebulosa” and “Materia”. These compositions were published in 2011/2012. My compositions have been performed at the Conservatory in Napoli, Conservatory in Avellino, with prestigious performers, at clarinet Gaetano Russo, also orchestra leader of Scarlatti orchestra from Napoli, Francesco Solombrino violin, Gabriele Pieranunzi violin, Ricardo Serrano horn, Simonetta Tancredi piano, Nicola Cassese saxophone. At the Conservatory of Napoli it a workshop of contemporary music was developed where I participated alongside Teresa Procaccini. Some of my other compositions been performed in Milan at the rest house for musicians G. Verdi, and for the friends of Loggione of the Scala Theatre, with relief performers such as violinist Eriko Tuschihashi, Antonio Mastalli, Duccio Beluffi, cellist Yuriko Mikami, Alexandre Zyumbrovskiy, Viola Elena, Faccani and Christof Emanuel Langheim, double bass Andrea Sala, at piano Simonetta Tancredi, at flute Alessandra Giura Longo. In 2010, at the Archeological Museum in Napoli a pianistic festival took place, dedicated to the bicentenary of the birth of “Chopin and Schumann”, where my pianistic Suites “delle dissonanze” were performed to great public and critical acclaim.


Title:  Nebulosa
Cat.No.:  MA 0040008
Page: 40
Price: 34,90

Title:  Caos for Piano and Orchestra
Cat.No.:  MA 0010189
Page:  47
Price:  60,90

Title:  Oniria – Tre Sinfonie in forma libera
Cat.No.: MA 0040007
Page: 30
Price:  20,90

Title: Concerto N°4 per Pianoforte e Orchestra e Concerto N°5 per Percussioni e Orchestra
Cat.No.: MA 0040012
Page: 36
Price:  24,90

Title:  Quartetto Lirica Seconda, for Sib Clarinet, flauto, oboe and piano
Cat.No.:  MA 0010008
Page:  16
Price:  16,90

Title:  Suites of 5 pieces, for violin and piano
Cat.No.:  MA 0010103
Page:  15
Price:  16,90

Title:  Four Fedro’s fairy tales for soprano or tenor and piano
Cat.No.:  MA 0010104
Page:  20
Price:  16,90

Title:  Caratteri for ottavino, for flute, Sib Clarinet, Sib Sax, Horn, Trombone and piano
Cat.No.:  MA 0010105
Page:  13
Price:  25,90

Title:  Materia, for orchestra
Cat.No.:  MA 0040009
Page:  48
Price:  35,90