Ianne_smallBorn: 1963
Country of origin: Italy

Stefano Ianne is a composer and music therapist, who has 6 albums in his career.

Author of various film and TV commercial soundtracks (such as the ones of “Acqua Panna”), he is one of the most original composer in the European music scene.

His music is broadcasted by various TV and radio networks (above all RAI International and Radio RAI). The versatility of his music has allowed him to join international collaborations ranging from Trilok Gurtu to Antonella Ruggiero, from Nick Beggs to Ricky Portera, from Terl Bryant to Rolf Hind, from Mario Marzi to Emanuele Arciuli.

His symphonic works are arranged by Valter Sivilotti with whom he has started from a long time a musical partnership rich of creativeness.

Stefano Ianne has a degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage and also a degree in music therapy (neuro-rehabilitation).

Stefano Ianne is a Sea Shepherd’s friend.

Title: Raymond & the Bullterriers, for Piano
Cat.No.: MA 0010058
Page: 12
Price: 12.90 Euro

Title: Barcarole
Cat.No.: MA 0010059
Page: 16
Price: 12.90 Euro